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Get a BANG with the Smoking Gun!!

What girl isn't a fan of a dual action vibrator? You get both insertion AND clitoral fun! Plus, what girl isn't a fan of a beautiful, pink and nicely decorated toy? The Jesse Jane Smoking Pistol dual action vibrator is not only super cute but it packs a bang too! Made of medical grade TPE, this gorgeous toy packs a lot of punch. It is super powerful and quite quiet (for such a lot of function). The shaft is a delicious 1 1/2 inches wide and an insertable length of 4.75. I can attest, it is a nice size toy. The clitoral attachment is a mini "pistol" and the barrels are separate so they vibrate independently (like the rabbit ears on the Rabbit vibes). The controls are easy to handle - on the base - one button for on / off; one button to increase or decrease the vibrations of the clitoral attachment and one button to operate the vibrations and spin of the shaft. The shaft also has spinning pleasure beads AND a slightly curved tip (for G-spot stimulation). This multi-function vibe does so many things I can not even begin to tell you the possibilities - and it does it all with 4 AAA batteries (not included)!

When I tested out this toy, my lover was next to me, kissing me and touching me all over. I dabbed some lube onto the toy (all lubes can be used with this material) and started to insert. I immediately noticed that it is smooth to insert, but the shaft and head have a design with adds texture and stimulation too. The stretch with this toy was VERY pleasant. I began by simply starting the clitoral attachment. I LOVE the way this toy felt on my clit. I then turned on the shaft vibrations - VERY stimulating immediately. I moved the toy in and out of my pussy, trying to find the perfect mixture of insertion and clitoral attention. What I discovered, to my dismay, was that to get the G-Spot stimulation with the clitoral stimulation, I had to bend the toy in an odd position, which did not work for me. However, regular vaginal insertion and the clitoral stimulation was fantastic - and brought me quickly to a nice, hard orgasm.

This toy is quite powerful and offers a lot of BANG for the BUCK. It is a beautifully designed toy with options galore. The insertion was very filling and yet not large enough to cause discomfort. The clitoral stimulator has a wide range of options for speed and vibration. The shaft has so many bells and whistles that you will be yelling RIDE EM COWGIRL over and over and over....

I would recommend this toy to any woman who wants to have a powerful, yet quiet orgasmic experience. You can't go wrong with this vibrator. The only downside, for me, was the G-spot stimulating head was a bit too far in for it to work for me. However, this toy is still fantastic, even without a G-spot orgasm for me.

Have SMOKING hot ORGASMS with Jesse Jane's Smoking Pistol!!


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