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What Is The Widest And Farthest You Can Go?! Tell Me A Story!


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Boy I really do get on here just once in a long while. Well, past couple of years I have really advanced in my anal play, I can do some wild things now I could not previously. Anal play can and will be safe and healthy, if you don't fuck up and play well. Condoms and lube: use them. I can stretch just over 2 inches now, and when using my 18 inch double dong, can go as far as 15 inches. It ain't going farther than that, but I have seen in Deep Anal Abyss one of the girls take the 18 incher and fold it over in half n stick it up that way, next mission right there! The people I have been with, "how the fuck you do that without your asshole fucking up?" I ain't got no ears n earrings like someone from Easter Island fool, my ass is tight and stays that way! "Do you have a prostrate left?!" Hell dude I stay rock hard when shoving a dildo up my ass, my prostrate tells my ass, "'you shit bricks,' I'll handle things on my end!" Self promotion over, how kinky can yall get with anal play? hey 12GUAGE step up bro, where ya at?!

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