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Review by Ladylove 11/2012

The Door Swing is simply two heavy duty separate straps with acrylic toggles at one end. The toggle is placed over the top of the door, as close or as far apart as you'd like, close the door and there's your swing. Each strap has a large padded loop for your thigh, and a smaller padded one for your hands to hold onto. You'll need to adjust the hight of each thigh and hand loop to suit you and your partners personal comfort. Adjusting them is very easy.

I requested Door Swing to review. I thought being suspended in air would be different, exciting, erotic and just plain fun. It was!

Let me tell you how it went. On firsts view of this "apparatus" I thought no way is this going to work. I told my DH if the door doesn't come off it's hinges the straps weren't going to hold up. I made my DH promise two things before use. One was to test out the strength of the straps and door by hanging by the hand straps for a moment; Two was to hold me incase I brought down the door or the straps broke. Needless to say I was not feeling secure even though I'm a light weight. After a few minor adjustments for hight and comfort I held the upper loops to aid slipping of each leg into the strap. We waited a minute, no creaks, no groans, no collapsing everything was good.

During use the leg straps were very comfortable. I never let go of the hand straps, they gave me the feeling of balance I needed, and the adjustments held tight. At first DH kept me close to the door. As we became bolder he pulled me as far from the door as Possible. DH love the view and the control he felt he had, I loved the new feeling suspended sex brought, it was HOT!. We will probably bring this out to play with from time to time. We have decided this is a fabulous toy to travel with and intend to do so. I highly recommend the Door Swing. DH and I feel it's a great addition to any toy box!

We both award this a 4 out of 5 hearts!


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This is an incredible toy for angle and sensation! Again, I HIGHLY recommend it.

(This is the first time I've come back to reposted on any specific toy I have reviewed, until now.)

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