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Budding Slave, I Hope!


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I have been talking with my wife (I am in a same-sex relationship) about BDSM, and there seems to be a lot of fear for her, but the gentle talks about what really turns me on continue...however today I took a leap, and playfully and lovingly did whatever she wanted, even if I had to ask :/ Tonite I asked her if it was really that bad, getting her needs and wants met, and me wanting to please her. She said she'd think about it, then later, said "I need you to make me cum, but I want to sleep afterwards, so you are on your own"...WhooHaa!! I guess she thought a little about it! Just the thought of being her slave gives me quivers and shivers of delight. I understand it is about respect, and taking care of each others' needs, but - is there an experienced slave that can give me some pointers on how I could continue to encourage this relationship? I do own a beautiful set of handcuffs, which I use (mostly on myself now :( ) frequently, in hopes she will get more used to them. Also, I need to know enough about the master/slave relationship to educate her....and I dont think I know nearly enough. I am still working on my wife's fear of hurting me, by showing her what I want, what turns me on, etc. But this slave relationship might be paydirt! :D

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Do you go in and out of your roles or is this a 24/7 committment? If you go out of your roles, that's the time to talk about what you want when you are in the roles. Do you want to be spanked/flogged/whipped? If so - when outside your roles - get out the equipment and have her test out whacking you until it's the right intensity. Then she'll know what hurts just right and won't have to worry when you are into it. Same with with restraints. Test out what you like outside your roles. Make sure she knows, and she should be OK when you are being the slave.

It took a long time for me to get used to being a Dom. I'm a go along get along kind of guy in real life. Getting into the role is easier all the time.

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