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Femme Fatale Jelly Climaxer


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I'm always on the lookout for a efficient, functional, of course, succesful toy. Nasstoys has been one of my favorite toy companies for a while, & once I saw this toy, I knew it was one I wanted to try.

A cute pink color, this jelly toy does have a slight new toy smell to it. Always remember to use water-based lubes with any jelly toy. The straps that hook the toy to you are a classic stretchy kind, very similar to ones I've used in the past, and have also been on some garters of mine too. I love how stretchy & comfortable these were for a full-figured woman. I had no problems putting each strap around my legs & around my waist.

The insertable, slightly bulbous shaft is about 2.5" long and has a bullet inside it which you turn on by a simple twisting of the part that sticks out slightly, & the more twisting you give it, the stronger the vibes.

The heart shaped nubbied clit stimulator has a slightly smaller bullet, turned on & adjusted the same way. The smaller one has a bit more power to it. Both come with batteries already in place. Plus there are extra batteries as well. Love extra batteries! These bullets, even under clothes, and being inside jelly sleeves, retty loud. The vibes the produce are a low to medium high.

Slipping this toy on one night, I was walking around the house, enjoying the buzzing down below, tthen I took the dogs out, and in the fresh air, started to rock my pelvis back & forth, very thankful it was a dark night, & my neighbors slept. I had a nice orgasm out there in the dark. The vibes weren't as strong or as direct as I prefer, but it did feel good to have an orgasm slowly build & rock my world.

Clean up was pretty easy with warm soapy water since this toy is waterproof.

I give this toy a 3 out of 4 Tyger Paws rating. Cute, somewhat versatile, powerful, non-intimidating, & easy to use, Nasstoy has proven themselves to me again.


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