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9" Grrl Toyz Sugar Plum Silicone Dong


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How can you not love something that makes being a girl sound fierce? Grrl..... Oh yeah baby, purrrrrrr.

Though on the site it says 8" in the title, it's closer to 9" at about 8.75". Insertable length is almost 7", & a diameter of about 1.5", this toy will fill you up deliciously.

This dark purple dong is fantastic! It has a slightly upturned tip for added stimulation. Made of silicone, the vibrator slides into the silicone sleeve. The sleeve is also harness compatible. This toy is very firm, and is decently firm with the vibrator shaft out of it too. 2 AAA batteries give the vibrator power for low to medium high quiet vibes. Since the sleeve is silky silicone, it doesn't rattle or come loose. The twist cap controller turns it on/off & adjusts the vibe strength smoothly.

Since I don't mind lower vibes in my dongs, this toy was great. Remembering to use only water-based lubes with this toy, insertion was smooth & easy. Fill 'r up? Oh, yes please, you purple pleaser!

I give this toy a 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws Rating. Easy to use, care for, non-intimidating ( for whom has seen this dark of a purple cock in real life, and though phallic, it's not realistic-looking).


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