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Is anyone familiar with a female character popular tv comedy about nerds that, at times when you know shes feeling particularly horny, this woman goes & brushes her teeth for a very long time with her battery-operated toothbrush? Well if you are, and you may have been slightly curious about the possibility that itd work, never fear, I have found an item that truly resembles a battery-operated toothbrush, but is more specifically designed for fantastic stimulation of the "Netheryaya".

This purple vibrator only takes 2 AAA batteries that go in the base of the vibrator with a simple twist, open, and insertion. The i10 Series is, as the name suggests, a toy that provides 10 different vibe patters/strengths of possible pleasuring.

If this toy was ever left out, many would probably think that this was actually a gum massager by the way its shaped. The flexible TPR head is the magic piece of this item. Its curved in, and also nubbed. Its a masterpiece in my opinion! The curve surrounds your clit & hood perfectly, and the nubs, combined with the vibrations that are impressive to this hard-to-please gal, will help shoot you to the moon!

The buttons to control this toy are on the cap of the base, and are easy to use. One button turns it off/on, and the other runs through the settings from low to high and almost everything in between! Dont be doubtful, just because it only takes 2 AAA batteries, the power of the vibes are quite impressive. Oh yes, it is!

The handle has a strip of TPR on it for easy gripping in & out of the shower, and has a retrieval cord attached to it with a pearly heart in the middle of the cord, for easy control.

I loved this toy, and the way it hugged and stroked my clit and hood was really more like a Tickle & PLEASER! I'd recommend this toy to pretty much any female out there, from beginner toy users to experienced ones alike. You GOTTA get THIS one!!!

I give this toy a 4 out of 4 Tyger Paw rating, along with a very satisfied purr.


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