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Lure For Her Lubricant


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Lubes are a very important staple in any sex toy box. I don't think anyone can ever have too many lubes. Variety is the spice of life! So, of course, I loved getting this pink 4 fl oz bottle of lube!

Removing the safety seal inside the lid was easy and simple. The cap is a decently securing flip-top, and be careful, because it will come out rather fast if you squeeze the tube too much! This is definitely a more runny lube, so just be careful.

This Topco Sales lube is water-based & boasts that it has pheromone attractants. I'm single right now, so I can't vouch for the success on the pheromones, but I can say that this slick lube is long-lasting, spreads easily, and cleans up very well. There's a slightly fruity smell to the lube since it does have some citric acid in it, however, it's not flavored (yes, I tried a taste), and it does NOT taste good.

The back of the tube says that it's scientifically designed to drive your lover crazy based on he attractant alpha-androstenol. I've never heard of that, but when I do find someone to try this lube with, I will update you on how well the attractant works!

For now, I give this lube 2.5 out of 4 Tyger Paws up for functionality, staying power, size of the tube, and being made in the USA!


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