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Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel


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This was my first experience with a clitoral gel, and for the record wont be my last. Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel gave me an overall sensation leaving me feel clean and fresh through my dirty deeds. Intense is definitely a great word to describe it as just a pea size amount rubbed into your clitoral area will leave you with a hot and cold sensation, total heaven might I add. I wouldn't recommend a much larger amount at first till you know exactly what you can handle as it can be as the label says it "Intense". The small amount of gel lasted me oh about 10 minutes before I wanted to apply it again. I found the cooling sensation just enough to make the experience more fun without it being overbearing and uncomfortable. Intense has a great ingredient base making it great for basically anyone who would dare to go there, free from Paraben, Menthol, Dea, Glycerin and is pure vegan. With such natural ingredients it made it safe for me to use any of my toys and in conjunction with latex condoms, win! The smell is similar to mint which made it pleasing to my nose however the only downside being it tastes a tad bitter. Intense Gel leaves you feeling like the chill you get when you get licked and then your hubby blows on you, the cool air sends shivers down your spine, it's absolutely Devine!




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I've tried other products from this particular line, and haven't been disappointed. Glad to read that this one also passes the test!

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