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(Still won't let me load pics)

Ever wish you could find a romantic set that wouldn't just scream "SEX!!"? One that's packaged well, comes with everything you need for a romantic night, and doesn't scare any newbie toy users? Well, The Perfect Gift Rose set is just such a one! It has almost everything you could want for a night of fun and romance. The theme of this set is romantically red, and it all works together to create a night of fun & romance.

It has a baggie of silk rose petals which can be spread on the bed or on the floor. Since they're silk, not real, you don't have to worry about those with pollen/flower allergies. There was no scent to these either. Then there are the red silky ties that you can use a variety of ways from possible blindfolds, to binding your lover. Also included are 4 battery powered tea lights. You know, the kind that "flicker"? Yep, all that, without the fear of fire or clashing scents. And those did come with the batteries already installed. You just have to remove the tabs on the bottom, flick a switch, & you're flickering away.

And who can forget the chocolate flavored, water-based, H2O lube? The masterpiece of this whole set is the "rosebud" bendable vibrator. It's pointy on the end for direct stumulation, and the "stem" is bendable, for easy positioning. It says it's insertable, but I didn't do that part. I used it on my clit only. The rosebud took 2 AAA batteries (not included), and was decently strong, and not loud. I loved the fact that the bullet was actually IN the bud, so you get stronger vibes that way.

This set is perfect for all sorts of occassions and even gift giving. Great for bridal showers, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or just a night of romancing, this IS The Perfect Gift Rose!

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