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Review by Ladylove 4/2013

I’m fairly certain we’ve all seen TV commercials for this product and they always make me smile. When I opened my box of goodies and saw KY YOURS + MINE package, I immediately gave a little chuckle and thought “Okay lets see if it lives up to all the hype”.

KY packaged two separate vials, purple for her, blue for him. The box claims hers is to have a “thrilling tingling sensation” and his an “invigorating warming sensation”. They both have a medium consistency and feel very slippery. His doesn’t have a smell, hers has a light minty smell. Remove the safety seal and your ready to roll. Be generous in use. Yours+Mine doesn’t get sticky or tacky and continues to feel slippery smooth, tingly warm for as long as you need. We tested it for a veeerrrry good amount of time. His is slight warming, while hers definitely has that tingly sensation. Putting the two together and !KAPOW! KY absolutely lives up to all it’s claims and hype. We both liked it ALOT.

This is a great lube for any couple. We award KY YOURS+MINE a 5 out of 5 hearts

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