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She Will Do Anything, But I Need To Start It!


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Long story short, She does it all, except anal, no problem for me. The thing is, I am into going down for a creampie taste but she will not be more dominant, when I am done, I am DONE! She needs to push me into stuff. She just won't! She says she likes all the things we have done, from doing it in front of a live peepshow girl, to eating my cum. But I mentioned that she would need to push a bit after I cum, to make me eat her. She says she likes the idea and it turns her on. Well? How do I get her to be more dominant? I fantisized and get turned on everytime, Once we have our toys and our DVD on, and I will stroke and she has her vibe, She cums a few times, I will eat her, A few times I have had a good amount of cum before I actually orgasmed. and she was down there gently stroking it out, We both tasted it and kisssed, It was so good! But, She says she wants to do this, I know she does, But the dominating factors are not on her side? I would like her to grab my head and stick it into her cum covered pussy or tits. Any Ideas what I should tell her?

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