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Can Vibes Tear Your Hymen?

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. Sorry if the question should be obvious but I'm just trying to be safe... I'm a virgin and am curious about vibes. I want to try the "Sorority Party Vibe" but want to be sure I won't be hurting myself. Does anyone recommend it? It had good reviews. So far I only have a bullet but want to try something different.

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A vibe, especially a bullet, should be perfectly fine for your hymen. The hymen is a thin membrane that is torn during penetration or in some circumstances through sports like horseback riding or yoga, anything where it could be stretched. A vibe is used primarily on the clitoris (except for vibes which are intended for insertion) and wont pose any risk.

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If you are talking about a vibe, and not a bullet (bullets are mostly external and vibrators are mostly INTERNAL - although you could use it for clitoral stim) - then you could jeopardize your virginity.

Listen, it is all in the way you think of this. The hymen is fairly delicate and can be broken (as pointed out above) by other means that do not involve sex. The most common way to break the hymen, is through insertion (fingers, toys, penis) thereby effectively tearing it away.

Now, the question is: if a woman breaks her OWN hymen, is she still a virgin? I submit - YES - she is until she has sexual intercourse with a man (or another woman). However, that is just my opinion.

So, if your question is can it break your hymen: yes

Will you still be a virgin: that is your call ;)

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