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Position Master With Cuffs


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This looks interesting, as there are so many great opportunities. I took it out of the box and was looking at the options it presents on its box. Definitely can help with keeping things from being vanilla. Everything is made very sturdy. It has cuffs for the wrist and ankles, which are all very plush and adjustable with Velcro. The wrist cuffs are detachable if you don’t want to use them. The leg straps are adjustable for the various heights. The plush neck support is long and very thick. No worries by looking at this hurting your neck. It comes black in color. Also this comes with a black eye mask as well in case you want to put another idea into the mix.

So first up nice missionary position. Figure the basic for this to start out. Very easy to set up and use. It held up very well. Just not thrilled with the wrist cuffs that they are not adjustable in length. Left the goods wide open and for the taking. My legs didn’t get tired at all with this product. It worked just as expected. The cuffs and neck support were very comfortable. There were no problems with that.

Next time we tried this out I decided to do it stomach down as show on the box. We had the cuffs on my hands. The neck support went right across the upper chest. Then he hooked the leg cuffs. Then the straps were adjusted to bend my legs up at the knees. This left my ass wide open and ready to be played with. I am one that enjoys anal play. This worked out very well to keep me spread out and ready to accept. Once again this was very comfortable and enjoyable.

I would recommend this to someone that definitely wants to mix things up and use it in various positions. It will hold up very well so bring on your fun

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