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Form 6 - The Formula for Orgasmic Bliss!

I'm having a love affair with the Form 6 by JimmyJane. I almost feel like I can not share the details of our intimate rendezvous due to the overly erotic stimulation I have received from this classy and elegant orgasmictron! This sensual device is made from 100% silky smooth silicone and stainless steel. It is rechargeable but is unique in that it has no charging port, the toy sits comfortably in the charging base and the stainless steel collar absorbs the charge. The charge lasts about 6 hours when used at the highest settings - and ladies, you may want to engage with your new toy for that long! It is waterproof for bath time fun, had dual motors so both contoured ends can be used for pleasure as well as every, single inch of this delectable erotic machine! Both ends can be inserted and the smaller end has a special curved tip which is perfect for G-Spot stimulation. The outrageous combinations of vibrations and pulsations are controlled via soft push buttons on the item itself - one for the small end, one for the large and one in the middle for differing functions. In short, this is the absolute most sensory vibrator that I have ever used and it is amazing to play with!

Simply opening this item is an experience, as it comes with not just one but 4 differing outlet adapters, so that wherever you may be, you may plug in and charge your JimmyJane Form 6. Following the instructions, I lovingly assembled my charger and set the Form 6 down into the charging cradle, noticing the red lights illuminating, indicating that it was charging. I allowed my toy to charge during the day and by nightfall, I was ready to explore.

I removed my Form 6 from the base and pushed one of the very discreet buttons. The tip began to slowly vibrate. This toy is extremely quiet. I pushed the bottom button and the larger end began to vibrate. Holding this item in my hands was a sensual experience in and of itself, as the soft silicone glides easily over your skin and just begs to be used and loved. I experimented with the 6 different vibration styles (which are outlined on the box) and ran the Form 6 over my nipples, stomach, thighs and finally, my clit and pussy. The Form 6 is not round, but has a more contoured shape on the larger end, and this intrigued me. I decided to insert from the larger end first. I used the smaller end directly on my clit to get myself warmed up and was surprised by the quick orgasmic treat I was given. I then turned the toy and inserted the larger end. The feeling was amazing! Soft and supple, yet still hard to the touch, the Form 6 is a one-two pleasure punch!

I won't go into more details about my nearly 1 1/2 hour masturbate-a-thon with my Form 6, but I will say that this toy is so unique in how it feels - inside and out - and the strength of the vibrations - that you have to try it to understand it. I have tried over 300 toys and this is, by far, the most erotic toy I have ever used! While the vibrations are not the strongest, they are very unique. However, for G-Spot stimulation this toy is A-MA-ZING! Firm enough yet soft enough to deliver that much needed pressure on the G! Whoa!

If I could describe this vibrator in one word it would be: sensual. It makes you feel sensual, it is sensual, it delivers sensual vibrations and feelings. It is a sensual experience in the palm of your hand!

This item is pricey, but let me assure you, it is worth every, single penny of that price tag. For all it offers: waterproof, quiet, silicone, rechargeable, multiple vibrations, soft and sensual to the touch, 2 sizes for penetration - it is a bargain for sure. This toy should last for years with proper care and love! You love it, it will love you back!

I recommend this item to any woman or couple who is looking for a sensual experience. Any woman who enjoys taking her time and playing with herself in a very sensual way during private play or couple play time. This item would be amazing to run over a male partner as well, as the silicone is soft and supple, it would make a beautiful addition to oral playtime when ran over the shaft or balls. It simply is an amazing item and an investment in your erotic future!

Now, if you'll excuse me, my Form 6 and I have another date in the bathtub.....happy playing to all!


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