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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge proponent of a woman taking her pleasure into her own hands - and with this awesome vibrator, that is exactly what I did! The very first thing I noticed about this specimen of maleness is that the shaft is adorned with very prominent, bulging veins! I am a HUGE fan of toys with texture, and even though this vibe is BRIGHT pink - I love the realistic look of it. The head and shaft are beautifully sculpted at 5.5" of insertable length and a very filling 1.75" of width! That is my kind of lover! The jelly/rubber material is soft to the touch, but firm as well. Completely waterproof, this super stud is not afraid of accompanying you to the bath or shower. Simply put in the 2AA batteries and he is good to go!

Once I had prepped my pink playmate, I settled down for some nice playtime. I lubed him with some water-based lube and turned on the vibrations. There are 3 levels: "oh...."; "oh my..." and "oh my GOD!" The highest level of vibration is downright powerful and you can feel it mostly concentrated on the head of the toy, but the entire shaft vibrates pretty well. I am a girl who likes some power, so I started in the middle and quickly went to the highest setting. I loved the feel of this toy inside me. It is very realistic feeling, as it has the correct curvature, size and texture combined with a more supple feel. The vibrations are amazing and really teased me well inside. The clitoral nubbies that are at the base are a nice touch as well, and if you bend the toy just so, it will make contact with your clit and rub you deliciously. I found I had to bend it quite a bit to get the right angle, but once I did I just buried him inside me and held the nubbies on my clit! Not long after I was cumming in a hot gush around my new studly BOB!

I can certainly see why this item would be a top-seller at TooTImid, as it really does deliver what it claims! The vibrations are strong, the toy is large but not too large, the shape is anatomically correct and pleasing, the texture and the clitoral stimulators are divine! While the toy is a bit loud, it is not obnoxiously so, and much quieter when inserted. I can really find no downside to this toy - it is definitely a Mikayla Must Have!

So, what are you waiting for ladies - don't you want a stud in your bedroom? I know you do, but you have to buy your own, cause this one is all mine!


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