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New here. And wow what a site. As a female I want to express my sexuality but to do so I need the anominity that the internet affords me. In society females that express sexuality are ofter considered whores. Anyway, I am a 33 year old divorced female and am starting to explore my own sexuality. The first man I was with was my ex husband. I was a 21 year old virgin and was terrified at my first sexual act. My ex was crude and never took the time or patience to help me. All I can remember was painful intercouirse and him always demanding a BJ. He had a huge penis which he adored and would use as a weapon during sex. Fortunately the marriage only lasted 3 years. Since then I have had 2 BF's. They have been my only sexual partners and I now am starting to enjoy sex. I hope this site gives me ideas and methods for me to enhance my sexual experience,

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Welcome to Too Timid Linda !!

Yes, this site has lots of information as well as wonderful people to help answer any questions you may have.

There is no judgement here so feel free to speak about anything that may be on your mind.

We look forward to hearing more from you !

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