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Its getting NIPPY up in here!

I have to confess: I am a bit kinky! I know, totally shocked, right? I love nipple clamps in all their styles, but, as I have gotten older and have had kids, my nipples are not quite able to handle a very tight clamp like the good old days in my 20s! These clamps are perfect! First and foremost, the clamp portion (the part that you put on your nipple) is adjustable AND padded. You can simply twist the little screw on the clamp to adjust the tension and find the perfect fit for you! Also, these clamps are very lightweight, even with the batteries in (and the batteries come with the clamps!) they are lightweight and won't pull your boob to the ground! Once turned on, the clamps vibrate pleasantly and quietly.

I have a female playmate with whom I used these clamps. I gently attached them to her nipples, making sure the clamps were secure but not too tight, and then turned them on. She squealed! Literally squealed - which I took as a good sign. I left them on her nipples and went down for some oral attentions...when I came back up and removed the clamps to suckle her breasts she said the sensations were amazing, like they were still vibrating! She gives these "2 nipples UP" - HA!

I would suggest these little clamps for any woman wanting to experiment with new sensations. They are lightweight, easy to use, fun and inexpensive! Don't you want it to get NIPPY in your bedroom?


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