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Alternate Form Of Submissive


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I have recently been in i guess what you would call an online relationship with a married man. I hear so many times now a days that guys are not happy in their relations. Of course i knew we would never meet and it was only online and on the phone. But thats not the part i need feedback about. Our "relations" were a form of Dom/sub but there was no pain involved it was more mental submission. Im not sure if that makes sense to anyone else. And if that does is there a specific term for that type ? I would like to read more into it or be able to talk to someone else about it. Our 6 month "relations" came to a quick end of course when his wife found out which wasnt a surprise. I dont like the PAIN part of a traditional D/s relation and i am to stubborn for one anyways but if there is a subculture of this alternative way i would like to learn more. I cant think that he was the only one that has that way of thinking. Thanks for any positive feedback sent my way.

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People can naturally be dominant and submissive. Plus, dom/sub relationships do not have to involve pain. Mentally submitting submitting to someone is different that submitting to someone physically, but not much. If you never met then your relations were mainly mental anyways. Achieving climax is primarily mental anyways. It's not an alternative form of submission, it's just a mental form of submission, nothing more. It's still submission. A proper Dom will have that dominant mentality as well.

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