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Let's cut to the chase, this toy made me cum and cum fast and cum HARD. This toy is not for the meak or the timid - it is a substantial sized toy at an impressive 8 inches of insertable length and a very satisfying 1.5" wide. It is made of jelly/rubber, which makes it soft but firm. The realistic penis head is very pleasing and only made better by the deep ridges on the upper shaft and the rotating ball bearings. Mid shaft is also textures with leaves and more ridges on the bottom of the shaft. PLUS, the entire thing THRUSTS. The powerful motor helps this toy move in 6 powerful speeds. In short, it is an A M A Z I N G toy!

Marketed as an anal toy as well, I would love to feel this anally, as the rotation of the tip combined with the rotating beads would feel magnificent anally. However, I wanted to play with this toy vaginally. I inserted the 4 double A batteries and washed my new toy. I got some of my favorite water based lube and began to insert. The first thing I noticed was the amazing STRETCH that this toy delivers. The next thing is the amazing way this toy rotates, thrusts and vibrates. There are 6 speeds and the first thing I can say is HOLY POWER! I love powerful toys and this one has a bunch of it. I stuck around level 4 - as it seemed to have the perfect mixture of power and rotation speed. I felt the orgasm building and had an intense internal orgasm within 30 seconds. This toy does not have any clitoral stimulation, but it did not matter! It was an amazingly effective toy.

I would recommend this toy to anyone looking for a unique toy with power, thrust, rotation and great size. I would love to experience this toy anally, and plan to do just that sooner rather than later. So, whether you want a toy for vaginal or anal use - I would suggest this toy for you. The price tag is mid-range, but totally worth it. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a toy to play with.


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This toy sounds like a big WANT to me!!! It's hard to find a triple action that works really well, and with everything it does, still has a lot of power! Thanks for the review!!

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