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Crystal Glass Kegel Wand


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Glass Goodness

I have said it before and I am going to say it again, I LOVE glass toys! The crystal collection is a particular favorite of mine. Their items are made from 100% hand-blown Borosilicate glass. What does this mean? They are extremely safe, smooth, hypoallergenic, sturdy and will last a lifetime with the right care. This particular glass wonder is large, 10" long with an insertable length of 8.75". The width at the widest point is 1.65". This lovely item can be inserted from either end. One one side, a small bulb adorns the end followed by a sleek and narrow shaft. The opposite end has 3 bulbs that gradually increase in size. So, depending on how much pressure and stretch you want you can experiment with either end.

For me, I wanted the experience of some stretch, so I slathered on a generous amount of silicone lube and inserted the end with the 3 bulbs. This toy is beautifully smooth and insertion was an ease! The gradual stretch of the bulbs felt delicious and the short distance between each one makes the internal sensation magnificent! The glory of a glass toy is the firmness that tantalizes your insides. Meaning, for internal, g-spot stimulation it is perfect.

I continued to push and pull this toy inside me, feeling that familiar building that accompanies a good orgasm. I pulled out a bullet for some clitoral stimulation and soon was clenching around this beauty in orgasmic bliss! No matter how hard you clench, a glass toy can take the pressure! Glass toys are good for anal penetration too, and and can be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher or with hot, soapy water. You can put the toy in the refrigerator to cool down your play, or warm it in the microwave. A glass toy warms to the body temperature in a matter of seconds.

As far as glass toys go, this is a great one for all users experienced or novice. It is affordable and a high-quality. I would highly suggest this toy for any woman (or man who wants a unique anal experience). One final use, you can insert and squeeze your muscles around it for Kegel exercise and strengthening. The toy is for form, fun and function!


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That looks fantastic!! Glass is one of my top toy materials as well!!! :)

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