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Spiked Duotone Balls


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Smart balls, ben-wah balls, kegel balls…..balls, balls balls!!! How can you NOT love these types of balls?

I think that a certain book series has made these types of sex balls a bit more popular as of late. I’d tried some years ago, and I really enjoyed them. This type of toy is actually is a very simple thing. Some are more high tech that with battery operated vibes, but I’ve found that those are over-kill. Basically, these rubber, metal, plastic, or silicone balls come in various sizes, textures, & weights, either tied together with cords, or no cords at all. Their functions are to stimulate your vaginal walls, and making you use your vaginal muscles to keep them in, feel them, and develop more sensitivity. How does this NOT sound fantastic?

Topco’s Joanna Angel’s Burning Angel Toys line is one I’m becoming more acquainted with. These Spiked Duotone Balls, Punk Ass Pink rubber balls are on a rubber string, and are a cute pink color with black raised spikes on them. They’re weighted, which you can easily feel. The raised nubs are for extra stimulation, and it’s a solid single-piece design, and they’re waterproof. The smooth rubber is easy to clean, and doesn’t have much of a smell to them.

I decided to try and see how these work one night, so I grabbed some new lubricant, and after washing them off, lubed them up, lay down on the bed, and started inserting them. They’re each a bit smaller than a ping-pong ball. The spikes are fairly raised, so if you’re very sensitive to things like that, these may not be for you. I was a bit if-y with them, but after they were in far enough, they felt pretty good! I will add that I did have to push them up a bit further a couple of times because I hadn’t gotten them up far enough, which was a bit uncomfortable. So, be sure to get them up as far as you are able to.

Walking around, the balls make no noise, so I could’ve gone to the store and nobody would’ve known. I could feel the weights in the balls rocking inside of me, and the spikes were allowing me to feel the balls inside, not in a painful way. I kept them in for about 45 minutes. After that, I went back into my room, used a clit stimulator to satisfy the need I’d stirred up.

Removing them was easy, though because I was overly sensitive, was a bit uncomfortable with the nubs, but the cord made removal easy. The cord didn’t break, stretch, or weaken.

I’d recommend these balls to a more experienced toy user, not for a beginner, due to the size and the nubs. But, I will definitely be using these again in the near future! I give these balls a 3 out of 4 Tyger Paw rating. :)


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