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Pink Water Lubricant


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It's always a good idea to have personal lubes handy. All of us, at one time or another, that experience some sort of dryness, for whatever reason. I love trying out new lubes of all kinds to see what ones are better.

I must say that I was very impressed with Pink Water Water-Based Lubricant for Women. It's a perfect storage/travel size at 1.7 oz, and the push-down applicator has a small clip on protecting the pump from accidently squirting everywhere. You can reuse the clip for this bottle, so if you have the need to tuck this lube into a suitcase, purse, or travel bag, you can be sure that it won't make a mess everywhere. Sealed for your protection, this lube contains aloe vera in it, which we all know is good for your skin and safe for your "woman parts". It's NOT a spermicide or contraceptive product, so be sure to protect yourself. This lube should be safe to use on all toys since it's water-based, and yes, the first ingredient is water.

I applied this lube to a tough first test. I used it to lube up my new spiked balls I tried out. This stuff passed the test. Clear (sorry, not pink like the name would suggest), no smell, and non-staining, this lube was slick, and stayed slick for a long time. The easy-to-press pump squirted out just the right amount gently & smoothly. Clean up was a breeze, and I didn't experience any type of side-effect or had any residue left behind.

This lube gets a 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws way up rating!!!

This stuff is awesome!!! Get wet today!!


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