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I like things that light up in the night!! I also like toys that have strong vibes, stimulate my clit, are smooth, and are waterproof. Keeping all of that in mind, I love this new toy I got. The Lighted Shimmers LED Hummer.

This hard plastic, hot pink cutie is a total length of a little over 7", and about 1.25" in diamter in some places. Twist off the bottom screw on/off cap, and insert 2 AA batteries, screw the cap back on, and twist yourself into high to low vibes. The little LED lights go brighter when the vibes get stronger!

I have a Hummer similar to this one, but it doesn't light up. I love this one as well. Perfect for various parts of stimulation, it has a pointy part at the tip that kind of looks like it's sticking its nose up in the air which is great for specific stimulation especially on the clit. On the other side, it has an oval shaped O in it, perfect for cupping your labia or even the clit, offering a nice "hum job" for you! Then, to top it all off, the shaft has a total of 3 curves in it for added inner stimulation!

This toy is fantastic!! I got the strong vibes I crave on my eager clit and labia, stimulation I love inside smoothly and firmly, and all with pretty lights!!! This toy is a great idea for someone that doesn't really know what kind of stimulator, vibrator, or fancy gadget to get. This toy is well rounded for the expert or novice toy user alike!! It has a semi phallic shape to it without seeming to be intimidating or a huge length/girth to it either. The lights are fun and add some whimsy, and best of all, this toy works!!!!

I gived this toy a rating of 4 Tyger Paws (out of 4) up in da air!!!!!


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