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Well seeing that's its anonymous (for now anyway) I'll write a little. I came into this site via the too timid sex toys shop - I was looking for a hollow strap on for men - Like many men of my age (65) I find the cock is sometimes reluctant to do what the brain wants it to -- Viagra is fine but it does have some side effects that are wearing sometimes. So when I've broached the subject with my quite sexually conservative wife - I think I will be ordering the mentioned Strap-on. (I see an added bonus of these also being that one can vary the size according to the demand as it were :P )

However, I then found this new forum with great interest -- as I am a latent (closet) sub -- or perhaps better described as a switch leaning very much towards the sub side. ---- A variety of sex that my wife has no interest in (she is 17 years younger than I am by the way) -- So just for the hell of it I thought I would tap away and put my story out there .... just for the hell of it :unsure:

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What Viagra side effects?

(There was a thread on here a while back asking why a person might opt not to use a medicine like Viagara, so I am wondering [strictly curious at this point] about the side effects you mention.)


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