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Review by Ladylove 11/2013

Intensity is a premium grade silicone vibrator with an inflatable shaft, a g-spot vibration nub, two metal electro stimulation contacts, and a clitoral vibrator. It allows 5 speeds of vibration, and 10 levels of electro stimulations. That’s a whole lot packed into one vibe.

On first inspection the vibes are great will satisfy all levels of users and does indeed vibrate through the whole shaft including the g-spot. The electro stimulator can be very mild, all the way up to the very shocking. I intended to keep the electro stimulation very mild since I have never experienced this before.

I should mention it came with a special gel your to put on the stimulator contacts before insertion. To inflate the shaft just pump the bottom bulbous area, to deflate it’s as easy as pushing a button. The controls for the vibe and electro stimulation is controlled separately and is self explanatory.

Time for use :)! Even at it’s deflated state it felt surprisingly full. Pumping up the shaft non interruptive and seamless. And yes, you can feel the difference. The vibrations are fabulous. They are felt evenly though out the shaft and having a that special g-spot nub...genius! I wish I could tell you how the electro stimulation felt, but they didn’t work. Very confusing! E-stimulation worked initially while I was discovering the toys ability, however, it would not work during use or since.

It’s so easy use and control and because of the varied intensity this toy is great for the novice or experienced alike. I would have loved to experience slight electro stimulation even though I still giving Intensity by Jopen a 4 out of 5 hearts. It’s that good!

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