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G-Spot Orgasm Questions?


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Hi! I am new to TooTimid, so here it goes! A man has NEVER given me an orgasm, but that's a whole different conversation, so I am trying to achieve the infamous g-spot orgasm, not just a clitoral one, all on my own. I have read all the how to's on g-spot orgasms on here and I just have a few questions as someone who is pretty new to using toys, but not to sex, lol. Not sure if that matters though. Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible that g-spots could vary in how far in they are? I know it says it's spongey and rough, which i feel, and I am pretty positive I found it but its only like MAYBE an inch in. Is that not the spot? Because I know its supposed to be about 2-3 inches in but mine doesn't even feel that far in at all, unless I am feeling something else? Am i? And, I don't really feel much of a sensation when it's rubbed/stimulated. Am I supposed to? I know your supposed to feel like your going to pee when you're getting close to orgasm, but what about when you are first starting to stimulating it? Should it be an instant good sensation or does it take a few minutes due it filling up and once it starts doing that, THEN you start to feel it? Should I press harder? I hope my questions were clear enough, I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to help, I am in diar need! Lol. Thanks!

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