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I'm not great with growing flowers, and, thankfully, there's no need to worry about my lack of a green-thumb with this pretty flower!

This "rabbit" has up to date technology with dual motors that seperately control each bullet. When I first saw "micro-bullet" for the insertable part, I seriously questioned this toy's ability to provide me with the strong vibes that I prefer. Let me tell you that micro doesn't mean weak!! The clit stimulator has a bigger bullet, which is the area that I usually find lacking, so that was a relief there.

There's a badge on the front of the box that says Gold for Quality and Innovation, and this toy has earned it!

Pretty in pink and clear jelly, this 10" toy isn't anything to just sniff at. The jelly is fairly unscented, and supple. But, this toy is decently firm and I was ready to power this flower with my 3 AA batteries. This toy is waterproof, which adds even more possibilities for this toy. Now, don't be scared of the 6 buttons on the shaft. One is the on/off switch, there are 2 buttons for each the shaft and the clit stimulator bullets, and in the middle, it controls the functions of the bullets. Since there are so many options, you can get over 200 different vibration combinations on this pretty toy.

The thing that interested me the most, was the clit stimulator. As many of us know, it's ALL about the clit!! This stimulator is the actual "flower",or, in my opinion, the crowning jewel of this particular toy. It's haped as a large petalled flower. the center of it has these "pistolettes for added stimulation. Plus, the petals allow full contact, and fully encapsulating (full contact) of the whole thing.

The insertable length of this toy is a little over 5", and, it's just right! It's got a phallic shape to the head, but it's not intimidating or scary in the least. It's smooth, and shaped just enough for perfect internal stimulation.

I was impressed with ALL settings of the vibe strength and patterns. This toy has enough padding around the bullets to create a fairly quiet toy, that won't easily be heard thru closed doors.

The handle is smooth, but has 3 ridges and the raised button control panel does add enough contours for a fairly easy grip.

I LOVED this toy!!!! Pretty, strong, quiet, waterproof, and stimulates my clit not so petal soft!!! Oh yeah!!!! I'd recommend this for beginners and advanced users alike!

I give this toy a 3.5 Tyger Paw (out of 4) rating.


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