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On Arousal Oil


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In all complete honesty, this product is AMAZING! I had heard through my friend grapevine that there was a new arousal gel out there that really worked, so when a sample of this came in my latest box I was THRILLED! This all-natural arousal oil contains: sweet almond oil, cinnamomum Cassia, Natural Tocopherols, Vitamin E, Silica, Phenoxyethanol and Rosemary Oil Extract. It is silky smooth and not at all sticky. One small dab will do you (or her) just fine and let me tell you - you can FEEL this working!

I was eager to try this, so I settled in for much needed playtime. I put a small amount on my clit and rubbed it around then waited. I would say within 10-25 seconds I felt this unique tingle and warmth. Not "hot" just warm. Then I felt "squirmy" - in a good way. I WANTED to touch myself. It was very nice and intense in a great way. I pulled out my favorite bullet and started to play. I came in seconds! My clit was so ripe for the orgasm! I went for not one more but 3 more! I am not saying that this oil made me have quicker orgasms - or maybe I am - all I know for sure is this made me really horny and excited and ready to play!

I would highly suggest this item to any couple or single gal wanting to add some intensity to her sex or playtime. It works well, is natural and can be reapplied as needed. This unique product would be great for a couple to use during foreplay! Why not get a little ON for your bedroom and go ahead and GET IT ON!


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I can vouch for this one, Santa knew better then I did what I need and he delivered - my wife just got in the mood when told her I was reaching for the bottle. If your going down town shopping, you better be thirsty. Get it, ON!

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