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More BULLET BANG for your BUCK

I have said it once, and I have said it at least a hundred times: EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A BULLET! Bullets are the "catch all" toy. They can be used solo or with a partner; during sex or masturbation; on all parts of her body or on HIS shaft and balls. Bullets are a MUST have.

This exquisite bullet by WOW! vibes is extremely sensual. The smooth, velvet-like coating allows this item to glide around your sensitive spaces with ease. The shape is very pleasing - being over 4 inches long, this bullet can be used INTERNALLY as well as EXTERNALLY. The larger sized tip is very pleasing for clitoral play OR for insertion and G-Spot stim. The 10 speeds from mild to Intense combined with the 5 different pulsation styles will have you writhing all over in pleasure! The easy to use controller connects via a long cord to make playtime easy and comfortable.

My only complaint with this gem of a toy is the loudness factor. The Japanese motor is a plus with its intense power but a minus in the sound category. A wee bit loud for my taste, but not TOO loud. I think that the pros of this toy really outweigh the negatives. The powerful vibrations affect the entire bullet, not just the tip. This toy takes 4AA batteries, is made of ABS plastic for easy clean up. I would suggest a water-based lube if inserting.

This is most definitely an upscale bullet and well worth the money! Every woman needs to have a bullet in her toy chest - and this is a great choice!


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