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Wow! Vibe Triple Ecstacy Thruster


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A Whole New Level of FUN!

I am absolutely LOVING the new WOW line of toys! While they are a bit on the expensive side, their quality makes up for the pricetag. Made of 100% Silicone, this item is 3 toys in one! It has a unique, thrusting shaft for that "realistic" sex sensation; a vibrating, rabbit for clitoral attentions AND a bonus anal stimulator that is super smooth and just the right length. THe overall insertable length of the toy is a comfortable 5 inches and the anal stimulator is approximately 3 1/2. The anal probe is tapered - meaning, it is wider at the base. This makes insertion super comfortable, even for an anal newbie!

With a super powerful motor, the 3 intensity levels will satisfy any sexual hunger you may have. The thrusting shaft allows you to bury the toy inside you and let the toy do the motion on it's own! This is very important for a triple action toy, as you only need insert the anal probe once, then let the thrusting shaft do the rest!

I was indeed impressed with the thrusting action on this toy. After inserting the 4 AA batteries, I lubed up (water based lube only!) and inserted this soft, smooth toy into my pussy. I worked some lube onto my ass and gently inserted the anal probe at the same time. I can say, it was EXTREMELY comfortable and fit in perfectly, giving my ass just the little attention it desired. I would compare this to a small finger, as opposed to a larger butt plug. I turned on the toy and nothing happened! I tried again - still NOTHING! I was so upset because the toy felt amazing simply being inside me! I gently removed and checked the batteries. I, indeed, had them in wrong (so double check the directions for this!). I again re-inserted and hit power. ON IT WENT! I experimented with the different levels and found myself drawn to the highest one. THis toy does indeed thrust in and out - and not TOO much - just a little. Enough to feel inside and to tease you in the best way. The rabbit ears teased my clit and that with the anal stimulation I was cumming in no time - and cumming - and cumming. What can I say, I am a triple action girl!

This is a fantastic toy! It is soft and smooth and properly sized. The vibrations are powerful, the controls easy to use, and the anal probe can be inserted or just placed outside for some external rubbing. This toy would work for any woman and definitely for an anal newbie! At nearly $150 - this item is definitely an investment. However, because it is made of silicone and has a sophisticated motor - this toy should last you for years and years with proper care!

Take your PLEASURE to the NEXT level - the WOW level!


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