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Eve's Delight-Or Not


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I recieved the Eve's Delight in the pretty blue color. Opening it up, it had that "new jelly toy" to it. A little bit of washing, patting dry, and it went away for the most part. With jelly toys, you're usually going to have a slight smell to it anyway.

Grabbing the needed 2 AA batteries, though the packaging clearly states AA batteries, it was actually needing AAA batteries.. Awesome. I keep plenty of both on hand, so that was an easy fix. I put them in, and turned it on by twisting the base. The vibes were a decent strength, but not overly strong. Nor was this toy very loud either. That's a plus.

This toy is a bit small, which can be great for a newbie, however, for a successful g-spot toy, the shaft should be a bit firmer than this toy was. The insertable length is almost 3", which, is about an inch too short on average, to stimulate the g-spot. The head was bulbous, for extra stimulation, but, it really didn't help.

The "butterfly" on the clit stimulator part was cute, but, again, since the shaft was too short, the was frustratingly weak because you didn't get the right spot at all.

Insertion was easy since this was jelly, and smooth, and it felt ok, but I was left with an ache that this toy clearly couldn't fill at all. It needs a longer shaft, more power, and, well, just more. I try to find the good in almost every toy, but this one was definitely a big failure for me.

Sorry, I give this toy a 4 Tyger paws waaaaaaaaaaaay down. :(


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