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Here Comes A Sexy Bunny Hopping Into Your Bed!

For the longest time I have wanted to try out one of those cute, little, anal plugs that looks like an animal tail - and now I have! If you are looking or something adorably sexy to vamp up your sex play time, then this little plug is really the way to go. Even if you do not like anal sex, this little play plug will excite you and have you wanting to fuck like bunnies!

A beautifully etched black glass butt plug is really pretty, feminine and super smooth for insertion. At only 3.25 width at the largest part, this glass beauty will slide into place perfectly and stay put through all your preliminary activities. The fluffy, white bunny tail really looks adorable (wish I could post a pic!) and makes you feel cute and sexy at the same time. The plug is small enough for even a beginner (with lube of course) and clean up is a snap because it is made of glass!

I used this little plug to surprise my new man in bed the other night. I slipped into the bathroom, put on a sexy corset and stockings - no panties - and lubed up the plug. I slid it right on in - no problems. It is a good fit - but not tight. It also stayed right in place. I walked out and into the bedroom, turning around and bending over to reveal my new "appendage!" Let's just say, it was as visually appealing to him as it was to me! We spent the next little while doing what bunnies do best - and when it was time to take the plug out, no problems at all and clean up was a breeze!

I HIGHLY suggest this to any woman who wants to spice up her play time. Could be used to prepare for some anal activities or just for fun and flirty time. Could also be used by a man - if so desired! So, why not pick up your own bunny tail and become the sexiest little bunny in the bedroom!


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Thanks for the review. This looks like it could be a lot of fun.

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