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Guess I Should Introduce Myself


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Hi! My name is Ana, and I'm no newbie to TooTimid, toys, or sexuality, however I am very new to this forum. So I look forward to getting to know you guys!

I'm a very open and open-minded individual, and I love talking to new people. So don't be afraid to chat me up about pretty much anything. I tend to be slow to wade into the waters myself but when people approach me first I'm far from timid.

Some highlights about me:
I'm a bisexual Kemetic Pagan in a polyamorous marriage.
I'm 24, full-figured, and a mother.
I dye my hair every color of the rainbow, and have multiple body modifications that most people would consider 'extreme'. Ex- Tongue Bifurcation.

I'm the go to person among my circle of friends and family when it comes to relationship, sex, and body mod advice.
I can't promise I'll be able to give you help or an answer right away, but I always try my best and if I don't know, I do what I can to find out/help you find out.

It's good to be here and be joining the Review Team!

I hope to make some really good friends here~

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Welcome to our erotic life. Please jump in to the threads. I have only run across open and supportive people here.

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Welcome and look forward to seeing you and your posts.

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