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Taking Control


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Many years ago I deemed myself an erotic writer. I thought I was pretty good so decided to give it a shot. This is my first story ever written. Hope you enjoy!!!

Taking Control
"Why cant we ever do things my way?" asked Tony.
"I don't know! why don't you ask yourself that question, If you would ever just take control, we wouldn't have this problem, would we?" Smirked Chelsea.
"So she wants me to take control....hmmm" Tony starts thinking, and before he knows what he's doing, he follows Chelsea from the kitchen, into the bedroom they have shared for 5 years, Chelsea turns to face him
"what in the hell are you doing?"
Tony grins. " Turn around bitch"
Her mouth drops "wha"
"Turn around." He says more forcefully, and she turns around, with her back to him. Thoughts tunneling through her mind what is he thinking now...
"Take off your clothes. Now"
She slowly begins to undress, first her shirt, then her pants. She begins to turn and face him
"Did I tell you to turn around? Finish taking off your clothes. You have 3 seconds"
She cannot believe what she is hearing
"What do you think your doing, You think you can just waltz in our bedroom, and take control? I dont.."
"Shut up, Do what I told you to do, or else you will be punished."
Tony is giddy with excitement, He has never taken control from her, Never talked to his wife like this.
"Tony, I..."
He pulls his hand back, and smacks her rear end hard enough to leave a handprint. She yelps. but it felt good. She could feel herself beginning to react to him, her nipples became erect, she could feel her juices begin to run down her leg.
"Do you submit to me?" Tony asked, as his dick begins to swell, He wanted her so bad, he could taste her, feel her juices running down his throat, the soft folds of her pussy gliding along his manhood as he made his way into bliss, it had been long, too long, since he had felt his prick inside of her.

"Lay on the bed, Spread eagle, Now" Tony says, and she complies. He gets between her legs, and pulls out the ropes that they had hidden under the mattress so long ago, that were hardly ever used now. He begins roping her feet
"Tony, Please don't tie my feet, I cant take that, Please don't."
"You like to have control, now it is taken away. You are mine for the taking, and I will do whatever I want to you, So shut up, or else you will not be able to speak at all."
He finishes tying the satiny rope around her ankles, and stops to appreciate the view, her nearly hairless pussy glistening from her juices, It had been too long since he had tasted her. He begins to undress, taking off his jeans, and his boxers, in one quick motion. Letting his dick spring to life. He leans over her, positioning his dick up against her wet twat. She moans and begins squirming, wrapping her arms around his head, trying to get him to go inside of her. He pulls her arms off of him. Grabs the ropes from under the bed, and ropes first her left wrist, and then her right. Making sure she cannot pull away. slowly getting himself into a sitting position, as he rises he comes to her breasts, her chest heaving, knowing she was aching to feel him inside of her. He licks her nipples, slowly, then faster and faster. Her squirming is endless. Tony knew that his darling wife wanted his dick deep inside of her, but he was not going to give her the satisfaction yet. and he stopped. And began with the Rules.
"Chelsea, You will listen to me, and listen good. If you do not, and fail to follow the rules, then you will be punished, Do you understand?"
She nods her head yes in agreement.
"Good. Number one, No moaning, No sounds. Number 2, No squirming. Number 3, you do what I tell you to, when I tell you to. Do you understand?"
She says quietly "What happens if I don't follow your rules?"
Smirking, he says "Did I not just tell you No moaning, No sounds?" and he moves his dick to the opening of her ass and begins to push into her anus "Have you had enough, are you ready to follow the rules?" She nods in agreement.

Softly he caresses her breasts, running his fingers around her nipples, squeezing, while watching her face, to see wether or not she is going to scream, He lowers his mouth onto her nipple, first licking around it, then gently beginning to suck on it. Next thing she knows, he has her nipple between his teeth, gently nibbling on it. His other hand finds its way to her pussy, and finds her sweet spot, first slowly, then faster, Chelsea bites her lip to keep from screaming, a thousand thoughts are running through her head, He has never taken control like this before. She can feel the pressure building, and she starts moving faster to match the rhythm of his fingers as he begins to probe her most intimate places,
"Are you ready?" he asks with a grin, without waiting for an answer, he slams his fingers deep inside of her, making her scream out and he moves his dick to her anus and begins to enter her. She moans loudly and arches her back, and he pushes himself into her making her cum in neverending cycles, he can feel her body sucking him deeper into her own. One last push, and feels himself exploding into her ass, grasping her breasts and slamming his fingers into her slippery pussy. She climaxes one last time, as they both collapse into the bed. Breathing heavily, She cannot believe that he has taken control, and how much she enjoyed it. She decided to let him take control more often. He unties her hands and withdraws himself from her. Leaning down to untie her ankles he can still smell the musky scent of sex. He grins to himself.
"Why dont you go and make us some dinner. Naked."
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