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I doubt it would be a surprise to anyone if I said that: I LOVE to have orgasms! I do. I really, really do! More than that, I love fun toys that can bring me there quickly or powerfully - and this little vibe did BOTH! Made of 100% silicone, this powerful little vibe has a few unique characteristics that really lend to its pleasurable qualities! First, the end of this mini-vibe is interestingly designed with multiple "ridges" (like a worm's body - I know, EWWWW, but it WORKS). The very end of the tip is rounded like a dull crayon. Together these two design choices make this vibe a WINNER-WINNER ORGASMS AFTER DINNER!

At 4 inches of insertable length and a modest 1.13 inches width - this toy is discreet for solo use or for use during intercourse. I, however, HIGHLY suggest you go for the clitoral orgasm first! This toy takes 1AA battery but offers 10 different functions of vibrations. My favorites were the intense, continual vibration and the pulsating vibrations - but you pick your own! The first thing I can tell you is, when you are running this vibe up and down over your clit and between your vaginal lips those ridges feel F A N T A S T I C! I almost didn't need the vibrations to climax - ALMOST. Once I turned ON with just a push of the button on the end of the base, the vibrations and that rounded head found my clit in between the rubbing with the ridged shaft I was in instant orgasm! WOW. I mean really girls, WOW!

I inserted this little pleasure indulgence in my vagina for round two and those ridges ladies - those RIDGES are amazing inside! Rubbing and teasing all my internal spaces - it felt soooo goood inside as well! The size and the firmness combined with the soft, silicone outer layer made playing with this item an absolute pleasure - again and again and again!

This would be a great first toy or a necessary addition to any girl's toybox! Great for masturbation, great for use during sex, great for internal stimulation - just GREAT! I love this toy and I am so very glad that I have indulged in self pleasure! I play to indulge and indulge AND INDULGE!


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