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I thought some of you might like a new story.

If you like it let me know. If you would like more, tell me.


Tia hated being apart from Quinn. He had been gone for two weeks already and it seemed like months. It was gong to be months. Quinn chose to be sent to the left coast to set up a new office for the consulting firm he started with Ryan, his business partner of five years. They saw an opportunity to set up in San Francisco and Quinn decided that he would get the ground floor up and running then switch places with Ryan after six months. Tia couldn’t go with him. Her job wasn’t that flexible and she didn’t want to give it up. Besides Quinn would be working twelve to fourteen hour days for the first three months including Saturdays and Sundays. She had a plane ticket for a trip to San Francisco three months from now.

The phone chimed it was Quinn. Hi babe, did you have a good day? It was ten o’clock at night Tia noted. Hi. I’m surprised you are calling me. Isn’t it like seven in Frisco? I thought you would be still working. It was good to hear Quinn’s voice. Well technically I am still at work, but I knew it was late at home so I though I better call before I got distracted. I’ll probably be in the office until midnight, so it was now or never. It looks like next week we should be up and running with operations. Then I might be at the office from eight to eight instead of eight to midnight. Tell me about your day.

Tia and Quinn chatted for thirty minutes. She told him about the latest gossip at work and how her sister met a new man. She wished he were home. He wouldn’t be able to talk to her tomorrow but would make sure to call her the day after. Tia said she understood but felt disappointed.

The next two days moved at the pace of sails for Tia. Everything seemed to drag. She was lonely and frustrated. If this was how it was going to be with Quinn gone she didn’t know how she was going to make it the six months he was going to be gone. Her next conversation with Quinn was much shorter that she had hoped for. He had run into some type of problem and couldn’t take much time to talk. He said he would try to call the next day but he wasn’t sure if he would be able to.

I’m so sorry Tia. Thing have been insane here for the past couple of days. I wish you were here. I could really use your soft touch right about now. I really do miss you. That is what Tia wanted to hear. She missed him more that she though would be possible. They spent the next hour in sexy flirty talk. Nothing explicit, but warm enough to leave both of them hot and bothered. After Quinn told her good night Tia crawled into bed. She started to recall the last time they made love. It was the night before he left for California. They spent two hours playing with one another. The sex was intense. She found her hands drifting to her pleasure zones. Tia began to gently masturbate by stroking her nipples while running two fingers over her puffy mound. Before long she felt that hot wet feeling of her body’s response. Reaching in for her personal lubrication Tia drew the heat to her clitoris. Her breathing changed as she stroked her body. She wanted to cum. She needed to be filled.

Tia opened the bed stand drawer and pulled out her trusty dildo. It was about the same size as Quinn. If he weren’t there to fill her up this would have to do the job. After lubing up the toy she parted her labia and ran the cold toy over her clit. The chill gave her a start. The contrast between her hot pussy and the cold toy brought a unique form of pleasure. Running the dildo across her pleasure spot for several minutes she desired the fullness she was longing for. Slowly she pushed the toy inside of her tight pussy. A small Oh escaped her lips as she slid the devise in and out of her. With one hand thrusting the artificial cock in and out of her and her other hand stroking her clitoris it didn’t take long for Tia to cum. It wasn’t the same as making love to Quinn but it was enough to satisfy her current need.

At work the next day Tia over heard a coworker talking about how she had been sending pictures to the boyfriend. The coworker said her boyfriend loved it. Usually is was pictures of her breasts either in a sexy little bra or uncovered. She was quite proud of herself. She said she used her cell phone. It was the usual technique of holding the phone out as far as she could and snap four or five photos. Tia thought; I could do better.

That night Tia set up her camera on a tripod, found the remote and chose a backdrop for her photo shoot. She decided on the guest bedroom. They didn’t use that room often and would give a bit more mystery than their bedroom. Tia dressed in a satin red corset and G-string with stockings. She swept her hair up and applied smoky makeup. She began to feel silly when she climbed on the bed. Shaking the feeling she started to pose and click away. After a dozen snaps she stopped to take a peek at her work. There were two photos she liked. She deleted the rest.

After down loading the photos to her phone she got nervous. She had never done this before. She wasn’t sure how Quinn would react. Instead of sending a pix right away she waited. Tia debated with herself most of the next day. Finally she sent a photo text to Quinn at three o’clock in the afternoon. Immediately her phone was ringing.

Tia what are you doing? This text is… it’s… oh my God Tia. Quinn was babbling. You can’t do this to me. Really, you can’t do this. Do you have more? When did you do this? Who took the picture? Tia was now giggling. Quinn, babe, I took the pictures last night. Do you like it? Tia knew that was a stupid question. Do I like it? Tia I love it. You look so… so… uh wow. How many more do you have? Tia this is amazing. But… Tia cut him off. I’m glad you like it. I only have one more picture. Would you like to see it? Quinn didn’t hesitate to say yes. He had to get back to work but he would talk to her later. After he hung up Tia texted the other photo. Almost immediately she got a text with a single word, WOW!

Later that night Quinn asked for more. He told her he couldn’t stop looking at the photos of her. She looked so hot and sexy. He was thoroughly distracted. He had downloaded the pix’ to his laptop and was looking at them while they spoke.

Quinn, babe, are you doing what I think you are doing? You’re just nasty. Looking at my picture and pleasing yourself, how could you? Quinn’s response didn’t surprise Tia. How could I? How could I not? It’s been weeks since you and I were together, and then you send me this. I wish I were in bed with you right now, stroking your breast, playing with your nipples, and getting you hot. I know how you like me to lick and suck your nipples. They get so hard when I do that. I can feel you responding to my tongue. Your nipples are so hard. Tia was stroking her breasts as Quinn spoke. Now you can’t keep you legs still, can you? You’re getting so hot. I can hear how wet you are getting. You want me to touch you, don’t you? Well I’m not going to, not yet. I want your pussy good and wet. I’m just going to stay here licking your nipples until you can’t stand it any longer. Tia couldn’t take much more. If Quinn kept talking like this she would be stroking herself to orgasm.

Oh babe, you are getting so wet. I can hear it. You want me to touch you so bad but I’m not going to. Let me get behind you so I can paly with you and watch. That’s it. Oh your breasts have gotten so big in my hands. Open your legs let me see how aroused you are. Oh you’re all puffy and glistening. Where are you going with that hand? Are you going to fuck yourself for me? Oh yea, that’s it stroke that plump pussy for me. That’s so good. Stroke that pussy. Get it ready for me. I want you to cum before I enter you.

Tia was breathing hard. Her hand was between her legs and spreading her wet lips. She was close to cumming. Quinn kept talking. With every word she felt her passion rise. Closer and closer to cumming she continued to stroke.

Quinn was masturbating along with Tia. He was hard. It felt like his cock was going to explode. He didn’t want to cum until Tia did so he slowed his hand.

I’m going to fill you up. Get on top of me. Take me, all of me. Oh, you are so tight, so wet. That’s it slide down my cock, fill your pussy up with me. I want to cum in you babe. You like that hard cock. Let me in that tight pussy. I want you so bad. Tia could hold off much longer. She was gasping for breath. Her skin was flushed. She was rolling her clit in her fingers. Then it happened. Tia came hard. Quinn heard her cum and he shot his sticky white substance into his hand.

Quinn that was not fair. I want to have you here with me. That was so hot. Did you cum with me? Quinn confirmed his orgasm. He told her he wished he were home. After some small talk they hung up the phone with a promise to talk the next day.

Tia was already planning her next photo shoot. She got carried away. When she set up the camera on the porch she knew she was pushing the limits. If the neighbors saw her there would be problems. She began her shoot with a small thong bikini. She made sure to show lots of her backside. Her next outfit was a black and purple bustier with cheeky panties. The bustier pushed her breasts high. The blue bra and pantie set had her smiling. She slipped on a black shear bodysuit and intentionally forgot her panties. The green cami and short set made her look sweet. Her red net tube top and thong had her holding the ties at her right hip apart. Her last set was in a leather and lace corset with attached garters black stockings, a mesh black thong and long black leather gloves.

Tia sent a pix every other day to Quinn. Sometimes it resulted in hot phone sex. Sometimes it resulted in conversation about the outfit. And other times it was a simple thank you. Quinn began to expect a pix on his phone.

About half way through his absence Tia started to wonder if she had been doing the right thing. She had caught a news report about women who were burned with sexy pictures they had sent to their boyfriends. During her next conversation with Quinn she told him she wasn’t going to send any more pictures. Quinn’s response was not what she expected. No more pictures you have to be joking Tia. What happened? Did I do something wrong? Why? Babe those pictures are the only things keeping me going here without you. Tia told him about her new reservations and the news report. Tia you know I would never do that to you. I treasure those photos as much as I treasure you. I have to admit when you first sent me the photos of you in those outfits I was surprised and a bit shocked. But babe you are so sexy and so beautiful it just make me feel close to you while I am out here. That is all it took for Tia to feel reassured. She told Quinn to expect more photos soon.

The next day she set up her photo studio and shot herself in new outfits she knew Quinn would appreciate. Every photo she sent was responded with only positive praise and sexy conversation. Long distance sex and masturbation was growing old for both of them. They began to count the days until Tia would fly out to meet Quinn.

Three months past and Tia was on an airplane to San Francisco. They had a brief weekend together before she would have to fly back home. Quinn picked her up at the airport and took her to the office for a tour before heading to his temporary apartment. After a bite to eat and a quick shower Tia took Quinn in her hands. It had been to long. The phone sex had been hot but she wanted his body next to hers.

Tia undressed Quinn and had him stand in front of her. She wanted to see his body. He looked good, good enough to eat. Tia was still fully clothed when she knelt before him and took is semi-erect shaft in her hand. She guided him into her mouth and sucked him until he was fully erect. Quinn was running his hands through her hair as she sucked on his sugar stick. She had her hands full. Tia was squeezing his ass in her hands as she continued her oral persuasion.

Quinn had enough. He reached down and picked Tia off the floor and threw her on the couch. He stripped her clothes off as fast as he could. Grabbing her ankles he parted her legs and dove head first between her thighs. There were no preliminaries. Quinn’s tongue pressed her sex with intensity. He ran his hot tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit before settling on her sensitive spot. With a full flat tongue Quinn pressed her with firm full strokes. Soon she was begging him to fill her. I need something in me. Quinn I need you in me. I want that hot cock inside. Quinn didn’t remove himself. He continued to eat her pussy bringing her higher and higher. He pushed a finger in her tight canal and found her soft spot. A gasp emoted from Tia’s throat. There, yes there, don’t you dare stop. That feels so good. Keep licking me with that hot tongue. Don’t… Ah… More, more, more… Yea, oh God… You want me to cum in your mouth? Is that what you want? Oh, yea… Fuck… that was the last word Tia said before she convulsed.

Quinn didn’t give her time to recover. He had lifted her hips off the couch and sank is shaft deep in her pool. He felt like he was swimming in a hot private lake. Tia was so aroused she was pure liquid. Tia tried to meet Quinn’s thrusts, but having just her shoulders on the couch and her hips in Quinn’s hand she had little control. Quinn was moving her with ease. Suddenly he picked her up and walked her over to the kitchen table. He never lost contact. She was impaled on his thick cock. Every step from the couch to the table sent shots of heat through her tight pussy. When her back hit the cold table she nearly came. The difference between the heat between her legs and the cold of the table sent a jolt through her body.

Quinn found a steady rhythm that rocked the table. Tia’s legs were on his shoulders. She could hear herself getting loud. The moans and gasps were echoing in the small apartment. Quinn was getting loud right along with her. That’s it take all of me. Let me have that sweet hot pussy. Oh… you… are… so… tight… so… wet. Yes, that’s it. Let me in, all the way in. Tia tilted her hips to accommodate Quinn’s request. When she did this adjustment she could feel him hit her spot. It only took three or four thrusts and she was cumming again. Her juices were pooling on the table beneath her.

Quinn didn’t stop. Quinn, babe, you have to cum. You have to cum. I can’t take much more. I can barely feel you. I’m so wet. Please cum in me. Quinn grabbed her knees and thrust harder and faster. Tia felt the shift just before Quinn came. When she felt him pulse inside of her she had her last orgasm. It wasn’t as powerful as the previous ones, but pleasant. It was an orgasm of connectedness.

Quinn’s knees buckled after he came. He slipped out of Tia and sat on the floor with his head resting on her thigh. Looking at him like that she couldn’t stop the giggle. Quinn started laughing too. Wow that was intense. It has been way to long. Are you ready for round two? Tia gave Quinn a look that suggested he had to be kidding. Round two, round two, you want a round two? I think we are on round five already. It feels like you came right through me. I don’t know if I can get off this table, and you want round two. That had them giggling more. Quinn got up and helped Tia to her feet. He led her to the bedroom where they fell asleep instantly.

Tia didn’t see much of San Francisco. She and Quinn barely made it out of the apartment. Between making love and simply enjoying each other the time slipped away quickly. Sunday Afternoon arrived before either of them wanted. At the airport Tia promised to send more pictures as long as Quinn would bring her out to California every month he was there. She was not going to wait three months again.

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