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I am talking about the Luxe Epiphany Mini Vibe, of course! I am constantly amazed that these toy producers can come up with new ideas for personal pleasure! California Exotics has done it again with this uniquely shaped, 5 inch (3.73 insertable), 1.83 " wide, 100 % Silicone, Powerful, Quiet AND WATERPROOF vibrator with 7 pleasing pulsations! What more could you ask for?

The first thing I noticed about this petite treasure was the insertable portion. It sort of looks like a genie shoe (yeah, think Disney characters). There is a slight bend and a little nubby on the top. I was curious how this would feel on my outer AND inner vaginal area! I inserted the 2AAA batteries and turned her on. SUPER quiet vibrations! Soft to the touch, slightly pliable but mostly firm to the touch. I wonder? Would this be good for G-Spot Stimulation???

I lubed her with a little water-based lube (remember, NO silicone) and started running her around my clit and vaginal lips. I found the toy to be firm and soft, but the vibrations were not quite as strong on my clit as I would have liked. Don't get me wrong, they felt good. Really good. I just wish they were a bit stronger. I decided to insert. This toy is unique in its design in that when you insert the toy the controls face you, so you can easily adjust the vibration level with your thumb while comfortably holding the toy inside.

The fact that this toy only inserts about 3 inches is GREAT. That little upraised part on the tip, combined with the firmness of the toy, combined with the highest vibration level I could find worked me up to a nice, mild G-Spot orgasm! I am confident if I play longer with this item that I will have stronger G-spot orgasms!

This toy does have a drawback, or limitation rather, if you are looking for a toy for insertion or feeling "full" this is not the one for you. This is definitely an external or G-Spot only item! However, ever toy has their niche, so I won't try to market it for what it is not. Great for any newbie or experienced player who wants a very cool, soft, waterproof, quiet, powerful toy that may give you that G-spot stimulation you have been craving!

So, don't you want to have your OWN EPIPHANY???


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