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Balls Down A Unique Toy

Are you a bit tired of the same ole' vibrators? Want something really fun and sort of naughty? Well, this item will fit that bill! How to explain this item??? Well, it is sort of like 2 vibrating balls on a flexible wand (like a riding crop) that have 7 different functions of vibration and pulsation. Why is this toy sort of naughty? Well, the way my FWB and I used it was pretty naughty and so so fun!

He tied me to my bed, spread eagle and ready for him. I had already washed and put in the 2AA batteries in preparation for play. I had turned the wand on and saw the different vibration levels. Both of the balls vibrate which is very nice indeed. This toy is very flexible, but it would be hard to insert and play on your own due to the length of the flexi-wand. However, you can definitely rub the end ball against your clit for some wonderful vibratory fun! My partner's plan was a bit different - he tied me down and used the wand to tease me ALL over! He experimented with the different pulsation levels, teasing me into an absolute frenzy! Then he slowly started to insert the end inside of me! It is a fairly large ball so once it squeezed inside me and he upped the vibration level I was in super horny mode! He pushed it in further and the second ball stopped at my opening. When he pulled the wand UP just so, the ball it my clit and threw me into orgasm! Holy hot stuff it was fantastic! We continued to play with this toy in so many ways, including on my hands and knees with anal insertion for the grand finale! This toy is waterproof so you can easily clean it up after play (and remember, never go anal to vaginal!)

I love toys that have options outside of the norm and this one definitely does! If you and your partner like to experiment with vibratory pleasures this is a great item! You can tease your partner all over her (or his) body with the vibrating balls. The flexible nature of the wand makes the touch gentle and flirty. I can see having my partner at my mercy and tapping the balls on his, well, balls! The ideas that are racing through my head are limitless! This is a definite must have for any adventurous couple who wants to have a little teasing fun! The vibrations are mild to strong on the highest setting and the dual motors make both the vibrators strong and consistent. A definitely win-win for me!


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