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I have tried all of the We Vibes (yeah, 1, 2 and 3) and I was thrilled to see what the #4 would offer me! Quite honestly, all of the We Vibes are amazing items, and this one is, most definitely, the BEST! The concept of the WeVibe is a vibrator that is insertable, that provides clitoral AND G-Spot stimulation that you use DURING INTERCOURSE! What what what??? Yeah, you read that right - you use it DURING intercourse. I must be noted that you can use this toy solo as well (or with a dildo) but the most fun is when you use it with a partner because then HE can feel the vibes to - WE VIBE!

This 100% Silicone vibe (so water based lubes only, please!) is designed to fit where you need it to - and to stay put! Shaped like a flat C, the WeVibe has 2 ends. The larger end will fit in between your labia lips and rest right on your clitoris, providing nice vibrations where you want them. The internal end is now redesigned to be much slimmer and it will press up onto your G-Spot comfortably. Both ends working in tandem makes this a powerfully stimulating experience. Add in penetration with a partner and you have a completely exciting experience!

Now there is also a REMOTE so that you can change the vibration options (there are 6) with the remote instead of on the toy itself. You can still turn on and change the vibrations by clicking the hidden button on the external end of the toy. I think giving the remote to your lover is the most fun - and will provide surprise! There are 2 separate vibrators - one in each end - and this is one of the quietest toys I have ever played with.

This model comes with a sleek and discreet carrying and charging case. It is USB compatible so you can charge while you shop on TooTImid.com. It takes about 3 hours to charge and you get 3 hours of continuous playtime. Make sure you follow the directions when putting the toy into the charging port because I had it in there wrong and it did not charge. As this toy is waterproof, clean up is easy with soap and water.

I enlisted the help of my favorite play partner and he was eager to assist. I had already charged and washed our toy and had also tried it solo (hey, don't judge) just to see what it offered. What it offered is a nice, snug fit with great, deep vibrations. When I used this with my assistant, once he inserted himself into me the vibrations became even MORE intense! Super, super intense. So intense I started to cum right away and he almost did as well. He had to remove himself and calm down! He LOVED this toy. He said he could not really feel it in his way, but he definitely felt the vibrations and that I was "tighter" than normal - but I am sure that was the orgasms! When he penetrated me again it only took a few minutes for me to work up to another (and another) orgasm. I grabbed the remote and just started randomly dialing up the vibration levels! There is one called "Echo" that alternates the clitoral and the G-Spot stimulation which caused me back to back orgasms until he couldn't resist his own orgasm!

We both judge this item to be FANTASTIC! THis item is very pricey at just under $200 - BUT, it is worth every stinken' cent! Every couple needs to try the WeVibe because the experience is unparalleled. There is nothing quite like it and this is most definitely the best of the 4 We Vibe options! So, if you want an intimate experience that will leave you both breathless then vibe together with the We Vibe 4!


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Wow Definitely sounds like Great Fun for both!!

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