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Good For A Newbie

OK, so I got this cute, BRIGHT NEON BLUE, waterproof lil' vibrator in my latest shipment and the first thing I thought was: boy, that thing is TINY! It is, as the specs say, "a tad petite" - and this is not always a bad thing. It has a realistic look (without the neon coloring), is made of plastic so it is very firm, and has some pretty powerful vibrations. I figure, why not give it a go!

So, I settle in for playtime and I have a good ole time rubbing this over and around my clit. The vibrations are pretty decent and I gave myself a little orgasm clitorally. Insertion, however, left a little to be desired for me. I like a full feeling and this toy is not gonna give it to me. Now, if you are new to sex toys or prefer a less filling toy - then this would be perfect! I thought maybe I could get some G-spot stimulation with it, and I did, but not really enough to give me the orgasm!

Then I thought, "hey, this may be a great anal toy!" It is firm, smaller (which can be a big plus with anal), and vibrates! The only concern is it doesn't have a retrieval mechanism so it could get lost up there in anal valley! I decided that I would try it anally when I had a partner to help me, as opposed to risking an embarrassing trip to the ER! I will weigh in when I have that experience!

All in all, cute and powerful lil' vibe - just a lil' too lil' for lil' ole me!


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