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Scorpion Dual Pleasure X-Treme Vibe


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The product insert reads:
"Warning : May cause Intense screams of Ecstasy!"

NO KIDDING, this thing is unbelievable!

With 3 (not 2, like the product page says), moderately powerful motors (totaling six replaceable button batteries), the (supposedly silicone) Scorpion X-Treme Vibe serves as:

  • a cock ring
  • anal beads
  • an anal vibrator
  • a clit stimulator
  • a ball tickler for him that provide perineum stimulation for her
  • an upper shaft/lower belly stimulator (he really enjoyed this feature)

This is my first anal bead product and I was more then a bit intimidated by the image of this product when my partner showed me his selection.

We discovered TooTimid a few months back and ordered our very first sexy toys for our 7 year "sexiversary" and he has since been pushing anal play/toys harder then ever.

Unfortunately, this is a tricky request for me. I battle with some intestinal issues and even attempting anal can sometimes lead to a lot of pain so I was quite anxious about its arrival. While I must say he is very sweet and understanding of my dilemma, the heart wants what the heart wants, and my man is an ass man.

Luckily, it arrived before the weekend so I was able to pick it up and explore it a little before he got home from work that evening.

I feel immediate relief when I remove it from the package and realize that it is actually much thinner then the image online makes it seem.
I also immediately notice that it feels much more like plastic jelly then silicone. I guess I can't be 100% positive but I really don't think this is silicone.

It has a cute little mouth (I thought this more silly then cute online, but it is actually pretty cute in person) with tickler spikes on the [split] tongue and motor for clit stimulation.

On the other side are some more little spikes that tickle his lower belly and provide some nice vibrations throughout his shaft.

Below the tongue is the cock ring, truly its weakest feature.
I can tell it will be the first part to go on this device as it is clearly far too thin to handle much tugging from the anal beads.

Immediately after the cock ring is another motor with tickler spikes for his balls. This feature feels very nice when he is inside me as it rests against the space between both holes (perineum), helping to provide the amazingly unique sensation of having every single spot between clit and anus stimulated in some way.

Next, we have the anal beads. These look absolutely nothing like the product image online. It actually only has 5 balls with an inch of space between each. One down side to the softness of the plastic is that it made insertion a bit difficult at first, even with lots of lube.

And finally, we have the anal vibe which is about 1.5 inches long and .75 inches in diameter with a total length -from the start of the beads to the tip of the anal vibe- of about 8 inches.

It does claim to be waterproof, but even still all of the motors are totally removable, allowing for a thorough scrub down with antibacterial soap in the sink. Furthermore, if you are as paranoid about certain bacteria as I personally am, the plastic motor cases can be (carefully!) taken apart and cleaned with a rubbing alcohol wipe and reassembled when dry. If you do this, or when you need to change batteries, do make sure to very carefully remove one side and take note of the layout for proper reassembly. It should go switch, battery, battery (smoothest sides facing switch), and motor (longest end touching batteries).

Don't let the Scorpion X-Treme's awkward online appearance fool you, this device is perfect for newbies to anal play and those totally intimidated by anal beads and for only $8 this thing is a very welcome addition to our collection.
We love it! 5 Stars!



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Anal can be quite intimidating for many people. Glad this one worked so well for you! :)

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