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Climax Kegel Balls


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Oooh, Shiny!

I'm obsessed with ben-wa balls. I love the feeling of the balls rolling against each other while I do my daily errands and chores. After 3 kids, having a strong pelvic floor is pretty darned important, so I was thrilled to see these for such a great price.

First off - I've used several different sizes and weights for exercise purposes. I'm by no means a beginner, and like to think I have a fairly 'buff' vaginal canal. That being said - I'm a little disappointed by these.

Don't get me wrong - I love so many things about them it's not funny! They're made of glass, which is a ton of fun on its' own, but they also come with a silicone strap for easy retrieval, and a sweet little white velveteen bag to keep them in when they aren't being used. They're made of non-porous materials which makes cleanup a breeze, and they're most definitely worth having - for a beginner.

Each ball weighs around 21.5 grams, with the entire set including the strap weighing about 46 grams. Each ball is around an inch in diameter as well. While still pleasurable and easy to keep clean and use, these are simply too light for a more experienced user. I will say, however, than when switched over to anal use (with the strap in place for retrieval), these are quite a bit of fun!

Overall -

Pros -

Glass & Silicone for easy clean-up!

Silicone strap is removable for multiple play options - vaginal with strap, vaginal without, and anal with strap. (Please do NOT use these anally without the silicone strap)

Carrying pouch included!

Cons -

None really!

Perfect for beginners, but likely to be a little disappointing for more experienced users.


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