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Power Bumper or Power PUMPER!

What do you get when a rabbit vibrator and a super textured dildo mate? The Power Bumper of course! This is like the rabbit on Viagra! Take everything you love about a rabbit vibe - the clitoral stimulating bouncing bunny ears, rotating shaft with pleasure beads, differing vibratory levels and power vibrations and ADD to that a super sensual treat of the item being completely textured from tip to base with soft, supple pleasure nubbies! OH YEAH!!

When I took this toy out of the box I had two concurrent thoughts: (1) Those nubbies will be absolutely outstanding and will feel so good OR (2) Those nubbies will irritate the crap out of my insides.

Luckily, after play my answer is that it is a RESOUNDING 1 - those nubbies felt AMAZING inside and out!

When I played with PB (my name for this toy) I lubed up with some of my favorite water based lube. This toy is a jelly / rubber hybrid, so water based lube would be top choice. I had already put in the 4AA batteries and turned the bottom to initiate the vibrations. I started to work the toy into me slowly and noticed that the shaft is slightly bendable, which is a plus. Also, the nubbies were very soft and pleasant feeling. As I worked the toy into me I noticed that the sensation I was getting on my insides was extremely arousing! I hadn't even turned on the vibrations to high yet and I was feeling really amazing!

Once I got it all the way in I turned on the vibrations and the toy came to life! The shaft beads started twirling, the bunny ears were thumping delightfully on my clit and my entire vaginal canal was alive with those textured nubbies! I started to have an orgasm so quickly and then, another!

This toy is really a new experience. If you enjoy texture on your vibrators or dildos, this is a great toy to try! If you want strong vibrations, yes, another great choice! If you love a dual action with powerful clitoral stimulation that is actually even MORE stimulating because of the texture - THEN THIS IS THE TOY FOR YOU! Absolutely amazing feeling. Great girth and length. I would say that this toy would work for any woman unless you hate texture. However, the nubbies are so gentle that you may find you LIKE some texture after trying.

I know you want to give it a try - and I am going to go try mine again right now!!


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