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Orgasm/kegal Balls

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I've been curious about these for a long time.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
I would be a total beginner, but I do know that I have really strong muscles down there.

Not sure if it matters too much but I've also never given birth, so does anyone who hasn't given birth have any recommendations?

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Is a beginner you may wish to have balls that are connected with a cord (or maybe not). If so I would suggest a pair of weighted balls that are encased in silicone. I am a big fan of glass toys and glass balls are nice. The weight is good. They are easy to clean. You can use any type of lube. Metal balls have similar qualities. The nice thing about corded balls is the ease of removal (if the cord doesn't get pulled up inside). You can increase in weight as you get stronger. I suggest take a look at what is offered and if something catches your eye give it a try. Good luck and enjoy.

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