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Hitachi Magic Wand Lost It's Magic. Help


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The wand works fine, that is not it.

My lady has always needed her clit stroked to have a good strong orgasm. She told me that vaginal has felt good but not good enough. I got a wand for her a couple of years ago and it worked like magic, sorry, every time until about 3 months ago. Now it takes her longer and the orgasm is not a strong. We tried me inside her and even using a huge dildo,small dildo ...do but she said they were a distractions.

Oral worked for her for years, but that was replaced by the wand. I am not a machine. I don't care as long as she is happy.

Anal is out of the question

Have you ladies tried any creams or anything worked even when the wand would not.

Thank you

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I am not sure any cream or lube will have a full effect, but there are several items out there that might help. Zestra s one that I have had good reports one from my women friends.the reviews,on the retail side of this forum have some very.positive thing to say. You may want to check those out. I believe it is trial and error sometimes to find the best product for you. Good luck.

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Creams are trial & error for women. Stimulation creams usually have menthol in them, which is what usually causes the warm tingle you're looking for. I've used several creams & gels that work from here, all I've tried from here I've done reviews on. One of my faces is Cleopatra's Secret cream. Great smell, and decently long-lasting.

Please also note, that like with food, these things DO have a shelf life. Meaning, after a while, these things will also stop being as effective, but the shelf life depends on the ingredients, how the stuff is stored, (I prefer to keep my stuff in a drawer, in my bedroom which stays nice & cool), & if you remember to put the cap back on tight.

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