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Couples Wearable Vibe (And Panty)


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Pleasure Panties Plus

OK, so who hasn't had a pair of vibrating panties? You know, those sort of stretchy panties with the little bullet in them. You wear them out in public and work yourself up. Well, those panties are OK, but they don't always stay put and you can't continue to wear them during sex. These super ingenious new ones are DESIGNED to be worn DURING sex. I was skeptical too, but you know, you have to try new things sometimes. :)

OK so here are the deets: first, take out all the pieces and charge your vibrator. The vibrator is made of medical grade ABS plastics, so you can wash it in soap and water thoroughly. There is a power adapter so you should charge it overnight (8 hours) before your first play date. Once charged, you are ready to go.

A lace "band" that fits around your hips (not really a panty, per se) has these adjustable straps on each side that hook on like garter straps would. Unhook the rear strap and you thread it through the side of the little vibrator. I think it looks like a turtle. It is slightly curved to fit your mound and over your clitoris. There is one side that has writing, that faces DOWN away from your body. The on/off button is also on this side. Then, you slide on the panty with the straps between your legs and adjust the vibrator to hit where you need it too. This allows the straps to fall to the side and keeps your vagina unobstructed for sex.

All great in theory, but I was curious if it would really work.

I had a date over the weekend and thought this would be a nice treat for us. He enjoys trying out new toys with me. I had already charged the vibe and was ready to try the toy. The panties come in differing sizes, I had a large and was wondering how it would fit, as I am a pleasantly -yet sexily - plump gal! The L size fit well, a bit snug bug that is a good thing I believe with this item. I slid them on and got the vibrator adjusted to my clit. Then, I pressed the button. It was very quiet and there are 5 vibration levels. I, of course, liked the highest one. Once I got situated I had my partner enter me missionary style. The straps were out of the way and did not distract from his mission at all! The vibrator was buzzing away on my clit and he sort of just went about his business pleasuring me. He said he could sort of feel the vibrations every so often, but this toy is really made just for the woman.

We changed to a few different positions. This toy works GREAT in doggy style. You can adjust the vibe when you change positions as it will slip a bit. Woman on top was OK, but it shifted more in that position. Reverse cowgirl also a great position if you do not lean too far forward. All in all this toy helped me to have many orgasms with my partner because of the strong and clitorally directed vibrations! It stays in place fairly well (it is not perfect for sure) and the vibrator is very nice. My favorite position was doggy style, I would say that is the best position for this item!

So, if you want to amp up your vibrating panties I highly suggest these pulsating panties and you can get your vibe on DURING sex with a powerful, discreet, quiet vibrator!


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