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When I first heard abut reviewing sex toys I was really excited!

I HAD to. ? when I heard that the sparkle vibe was gonna be my first toy I was going to try out I wasn't really that excited because it looked really plain and cheap. I heard from one of my friends that they start sending "crappy ones first"! When I got it in the mail I opened it up, the packaging was pretty cute..one weird thing about the packaging.. It said 'party perfect'? Such a weird thing to put on the packaging.. anyways looking at the vibe, it's actually a pretty pink, and I'm not fond of the color pink even though I'm a girl.?

When I tried it...was amazing I never thought having just ONE AA battery in it it would be that strong! Three settings ! The first setting would be right after you cum. The second setting would really get you there, and the third one would make you shake. I'd say the second setting is perfect.

I think this vibe is TOTALLY for clitoral stimulation. It's cool if you slip in in and out a few times.

I also want to add that the Sparkle Vibe doesn't kill battery's that fast! I used to for a long time before the battery died. I really like the weight to the Sparkle Vibe. It's not really light and not too heavy.

I'd definitely recommend this Vibe!

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could you post a link so we can see what toy this is? Thanks! :)

Also, there are no "crappy" toys - as there is always something redeemable about a toy, it may not be FOR YOU, but it may be for someone else! Something to keep in mind. :)

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