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Triple Play Wild G

If you are a fan of clit stimulating rabbit type vibes, this may be the right one for you. The Triple Play Wild G is a dual-action, waterproof vibe with 7 variable functions and 6 speeds that are sure to get your from zero to O in no time flat. I found this vibe to be quite user friendly, the first thing I noticed was the easy to load battery pack at the base. One thing I love is I do not need to fuss over not being able to use my favorite lube on this one, go ahead and use silicone or water based lube. The base of this Vibe can be a tad intimidating in size and I found it to be a bit heavy if used for a lengthy period of time, it can do a number on your wrist. The over 50 rotating beads inside make it very enjoyable as they massage your inner walls. My only fault I found with the beads and with the movement in this vibe is the deeper you go and more your muscles contract the slower the vibe seems to be able to produce movement. Don't get me wrong the strength in this vibe is not even questionable and for the right person would bring tears to your eyes but for me it didn't not have the power I needed throughout the vibe, rather most of the power was at the base. The base comes with a very user friendly LED lit function panel that is really easy to use while you are using it. The clitoral prongs have never really served a purpose for me personally as I find it a bit awkward to position them in the correct spot likely due to the distance between the clit stimulator and the insertion length I can achieve. If only you could adjust it. For a toy of this size and its power it definitely is not on the quiet side. Under a blanket is not enough to hide the hums of this vibe so I would suggest closing a door and putting cotton in your roommates ears if you have one. Outside of the shaft incasing the rotating beads the majority of this vibe is very firm with not a whole lot of give. I find that the stiffness of this vibe if you are trying to really grind on it can become painful rather quickly. For someone who enjoys a softer, slow going ride this toy would be perfect for you. I would not recommend using this toy for anal play as you are not able to properly disinfect it. Very easy to clean, because it is waterproof you do not need to fuss over how to clean it. Use lukewarm water and or toy cleaner if you prefer and let air dry. If you are planning a trip this vibe can easily be stored in your suitcase, but due to its size unless you carry a large bag I would not recommend it for purse travel. Over all not a bad vibe a few little tweaks and it could be amazing.



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