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One Touch To Orgasm....

Well, it was for me anyway! This is a cute and fun little toy. Lately, I have been reviewing a lot of different rabbit type toys and really enjoying the different ideas behind them. This one is sort of an "all inclusive" model. Made of 100% silicone, this toy does not have rotating pleasure beads like some rabbits, but instead has a powerful internal vibrator that operates the shaft, tip and clitoral stimulating bunny ears (typical rabbit feature!) There are 10 differing functions of vibrations and this toy is waterproof to boot. The best - and most surprising feature of this toy - is the G-Spot tip. It is not curved as much as a typical G-Spot toy, but, the bulbous and slightly larger head on this toy provides wonderful G-Spot stimulation.

When I played with this toy I inserted the 2AAA batteries into the base, got some water-based lubricant (remember NO silicone lube with silicone toys) and settled in to play. The one-touch feature on this toy is the on/off and vibration button, which is on the base of the toy. A sort of hidden button, you press it to turn on or off and change the vibrations. To turn it off, simply hold the button for a few seconds.

This toy is silky and sensual, sliding into me so comfortably. It is not terribly long - which is great for G-Spot - but it does have some nice girth at the tip. The fluttering bunny ears felt AMAZING on my clit and to my surprise made me cum quickly. Also, because this toy is not very long, I could reach my G-Spot while still getting the fluttering clitoral stimulation. Now THAT is what sold me on this toy. I gave myself some more clitoral orgasms and then concentrated on my G. The toy is firm, yet still bendy, and gave me just the right pressure. I had a nice little G-Spot orgasm! Now that was a surprise!

I recommend this toy to any woman newbie or experienced - who wants a simple, sexual, sensual one-touch G-spot or dual action toy. I highly recommend this item!


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